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right to left

According to Internet World Stats their are 184.631.496 Internet users by the Arabic Language’ and it is the third language dominating the web. This only means websites are on the increase for RTL speakers.

Right to left languages RTL is one off the most misunderstood when it comes to building a theme that supports RTL. and the market is still growing, you also have:

How to apply RTL in webpages.

The ‘direction’ attribute in CSS tells the browser the direction of the page. For RTL languages, you want to set it to ‘rtl’. This is simply it the  attribute that you should set for proper RTL display. It’s called ‘unicode-bidi’. This will controls the way characters are displayed inside the line.

For proper RTL display, add the following to the .body selector:


And, you’re done! Your theme now displays in RTL. Almost with few css tricks to do the job.

In your CSS, where you set the text direction and float elements, requires manual attention. Find all selectors for text-align, float and clear. If any of these specify a direction, flip between ‘right’ to ‘left’.


Missing this simple attribute means your missing on potentially half billion audience